Limited Edition Prints

Gig Harbor 1920's web.jpg

Gig Harbor in the 1920's

Limited edition of 500  |   13.5-inch x 25-inch print ....... $75

Subtle 6-color Komori Lithrone with aqueous coated print includes a blush of silver for a smokey effect reminiscent of the historic working waterfront.

Framed   |   finished size 21-inch x 32-inch ....... $325


Limited edition of 500  |   16.5-inch x 25-inch print ....... $75

Subtle 6-color Komori Lithrone with aqueous coating. The painting features a secret message (a heart and "B+M" letters added to the tree trunk) for Bill and Melissa Gates who had just announced their engagement when the artwork was completed. They were rumored to be attending the Bellivue Art Fair where the 3-ft x 5-ft original was featured for sale.  I never saw them.

Framed   |   finished size 24-inch x 32-inch ....... $325


After completing hundreds of commissions over the years, I find that anything smaller than 14-inch x 20-inch is difficult to do in charcoal. Most works are between 20 x 30 and 30 x 40 inches. Prices vary ($1,500 to $4,000) based on composition and number of subjects. Allow 2 months for delivery. Shipping is not included. Choose one of the following: 

  • Send color or black & white photos. (Please send more than one image so I can better capture the likeness and contours of the subject.)
  • Come to Gig Harbor, Washington, for a live studio sitting in downtown Gig Harbor. The amount of time will depend on what you have in mind (full body, head only, background, etc.).
  • Schedule an appointment so I can shoot a series of photographs. After reviewing them together, an appropriate image or combination of images will be confirmed for the final piece. (Commission Fee includes all photography)



Any image can be recreated as a giclee sized up to 40 x 72-inch. All prints use archival papers and inks that will last 71 to 200+ years, depending on paper and storage conditions. Choose from 5 paper types or canvas. 

Cost varies based on size ............... $100 to $400



Any image can be recreated as a card. Blank Notecards .............. $3 each
Laser printed cards come with A-7 (7.25-inch x  5.25-inch) envelopes. Cards are individually packaged in plastic sleeves.



Any image can be recreated as a laser print. The cost varies based on size ............. $25 to $100


For more information, please contact me.